Our Services

Heat Treatment Services

Experience peace of mind with our expert wood pallet heat treatment and ISPM 15 compliance services.

At A&R Pallets LLC, we prioritize sustainability, safety, and quality. Our heat treatment services eliminate pests and organisms, meeting international shipping regulations.

Drop Trailer Services

Experience tailored transportation solutions for wood pallets with our drop trailer services.

With our extensive fleet of vans and flatbed trailers, A&R Pallets LLC provides prompt and efficient drop trailer services, ensuring seamless delivery and pickup of scrap pallets.

Pallet Sales

A&R Pallets LLC specializes in custom wooden pallets for various industries and applications.

Choose from custom, industry-specific, sustainable options like recycled pallets, stringer, block, two-way, and four-way entry pallets. Our team of experts will meet with you to understand your requirements and guide you to the perfect solution.

Custom Pallet Design

A&R Pallets LLC crafts high-quality, custom wooden pallets tailored to your specific packaging and transportation needs

Your trusted partner for custom & standard wooden pallets. Expert design, high-quality materials & sawmill operations ensure perfect solutions. Contact us today to explore our range of custom products & find your ideal pallet solution.

Repairs & Recycling

Partner with us for a sustainable future - trust us to handle your recycling program

A&R Pallets LLC's recycling program refurbishes and repairs discarded pallets, extending their lifespan and reducing landfill waste

Our drop trailer program allows for responsible disposal and recycling, minimizing waste and maximizing recycling potential.

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